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1 year ago 0 3200
Weekly throwback of the prop firm industry about what happened in the past week!
1 year ago 0 2258
BluFX accounts are being closed from Friday 10th March due to FCA issues.
1 year ago 0 2605
Forex Prop Reviews presents our readers with January updates of the prop firms.
1 year ago 0 2644
Learn about the CEO of BluFX in the 2nd Episode of our "Meet the CEO" Series!
1 year ago 0 1859
BluFx "Share the Love" campaign: Win as much as $1,000 for every friend you refer.
1 year ago 0 2137
Join Atlas and Emeka on BluFX discord and hear them discuss live trading charts & learn!
1 year ago 0 1791
BluFX sliding scale reduction offer for 3 months & a 10% reduction on the Anniversary.
1 year ago 0 2497
BluFx has solved the account issue, and to answer the questions, they have arranged an event.
1 year ago 0 2288
BluFX is aware that some accounts are unable to trade. They are trying to resolve the issue.
1 year ago 0 1791
BluFx New Liquidity Provider & they are currently working with cTrader.

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