BluFX moves to USDT payouts. Here’s why

Great news for all! BluFX has fixed its payment issues and reinstated USDT payouts, among others to avoid any more delays.

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In 2015, BluFX was developed. Yu Song, the owner of the business, has a long history in trading and has accumulated a lot of knowledge.
In contrast to other prop firms that demand various challenge completions, BluFX instantly funds their traders in exchange for a monthly subscription.
There are two different account sizes available. There are no simulations or demos when trading with BluFX; traders just pay and trade. Additionally, there are no trading restrictions, trials, or combines.

The BluFX project uses trading data from a variety of traders with various approaches, strategies, and levels of expertise.
Trading data guides their risk management and automated trading strategies. The more data, the better the behavioral models. Better risk management leads to more trader promotions. Ultimately, the better the service.
They place a high value on disciplined people who concentrate on consistency over the long term in their clients. By managing real account sizes up to $1,000,000, they enable them to generate high profits.
With the BluFX project, any trader with any level of experience can compete for institutional-style funding. The fees they charge are significantly less than the overall cost of using one’s own money.

BluFX announcement for Reinstating USDT:

There have been some problems with BluFX payouts recently. There were delays in payouts from PerfectMoney. The company responded quickly and resolved the issue.

They will therefore reinstate USDT payouts as a payout choice. Withdrawals from PerfectMoney won’t be made any longer.
Traders are aware of how annoying it can be to have to wait for the profit that they have worked so hard to earn. The delays do not meet the level of service expected from BluFX.
Therefore, by reintroducing USDT as a payout option, they are still offering a variety of payout options, and there won’t be any more delays.

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