Why Choose Goat Funded Trader? Here are the Reasons!

Here is why you should choose Goat Funded Trader- a game-changer in the prop trading world.

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What do you look for when you select a prop firm? Well, Goat Funded Trader has emerged as a game-changer in the world of prop trading. The firm has unveiled a set of remarkable advantages that set it apart from traditional prop trading firms, garnering the attention and interest of traders worldwide. Here is why you should choose Goat Funded Trader.

Why Choose Goat Funded Trader

Why You Should Choose Goat Funded Trader?

Payout on Demand.

One of the standout features offered by Goat Funded Trader is the ability for traders to request payouts on demand. This flexible payout system empowers traders. This allows them to access their hard-earned profits whenever they choose, without unnecessary delays or hassles.


Also, unlike many other prop firms that impose strict time constraints on traders, Goat Funded Trader offers a refreshing approach. Traders have no time limits. This gave traders the freedom to trade at their own pace.

NO Minimum Trading Days.

Goat Funded Trader further breaks away from the norm by eliminating minimum trading day requirements. Traders don’t have to meet specific daily quotas. This enables them to focus on their strategies and maximize their trading potential.

Up to 95% Profit Split.

Moreover, the allure of trading lies in its profit potential, and Goat Funded Trader understands this. The firm offers an unprecedented profit split of up to 95%.

No Hidden Rules.

Transparency is paramount at Goat Funded Trader. The firm proudly emphasizes the absence of hidden rules or convoluted terms and conditions. Traders can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are trading in a fair and straightforward environment.

Best Profit Target in the Market (7%).

Goat Funded Trader sets an ambitious yet achievable profit target of 7%, surpassing industry standards. This high-profit target motivates traders to aim for excellence and push their trading skills to the limit.

With its emphasis on flexibility, fairness, and profitability, this prop firm is poised to reshape the landscape of prop trading. Traders seeking a more lucrative and trader-friendly environment are turning to Goat Funded Trader for a trading experience like no other. 

About the Firm

Goat Funded Trader is a proprietary trading firm incorporated on the 17th of May, 2023. They are offering traders a chance to work with capital up to $800,000 in balance with up to 95% profit splits. They are partnered with ThinkMarkets as their broker.

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