The Funded Trader Weekly Statistics. A Profitable Week?

Total payouts for the week? The Funded Trader Program revealed its statistics for the Period of October 31ST–November 4TH, 2022.

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The Funded Trader Program provides traders with significant capital so they can use enough leverage to profit from their trades. Once this is done, the profits are divided between the traders and the Proprietary Firm.

It’s no surprise that the business has such a stellar reputation when considering its excellent profit split, high leverage, and numerous funding options. To provide opportunities and aid traders in managing large accounts, they are developing a fund based on retail traders. 

After trading and examining other platforms, the founders of The Forex League and VVS Academy decided to launch The Funded Trader because they could offer the community exactly what it was looking for: a community run by traders, for traders.

All participants in The Funded Trader competitions are given a free chance to take part in a monthly challenge. Prizes are given to twenty winners. Traders are welcome to take part in their competitions.

Rules for The Funded Trader Competitions

The competition rules are identical to those of the Standard Challenge, which include

  • · Max Daily Drawdown of 5%
  • · Max Total Drawdown of 10%
  • · No utilizing irrational fills in the demo environment. 
  • · Beginning on the first of the month and ending on the last, the competition 

In the real market, risk-free profits are not attainable and sustained consistently. Challenge programs completed in this manner don’t reveal the true abilities of the trader.

Trading a ‘The Funded Trader’ Account in this way would ultimately demonstrate that it is impossible for the trader. Also, it is difficult to make real money because these strategies do not function in the live market. 

They seek to safeguard the business from methods that enable a profit without taking any risks on routine demo accounts.


The business recently revealed its statistics, which are as follows

 Statistics for the period of October 31ST–November 4TH, 2022: 

  • Total Payouts of $754,920 for the week. 
  • Highest Single Payout: $39,729 

Most Traded Instruments by Volume

  • US30 
  • XAU/USD 

Most Profitable Session

New York

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