Trading Fx VPS offers forex traders customized VPS plans. They were incorporated in 2014.

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Who are Trading Fx VPS?

Trading Fx VPS is a dedicated company that provides high-quality VPS services explicitly made for the needs of forex traders. The company has numerous traders using their product worldwide with Data Centers in London, New York, Amsterdam, Chicago, and Frankfurt.

The VPS is perfect for traders who require a secure and reliable internet connection that has a high % of up-time and low latency. Trading Fx VPS has a broker partnership with the following brokers: Axion Trade, Redmars, and AXI.

The company’s official name is Next Era Pte. Ltd., doing business as The firm was incorporated back in 2014 is still operating with offices based on the address 118 ALJUNIED AVENUE 2 #04-102 SINGAPORE (380118).

Trading Fx VPS features

Trading Fx VPS has numerous tools and features that significantly benefit serious forex traders. Let’s go through some of the main features:

1. 100% Up-time

Trading Fx VPS offers traders 100% up-time, which is essential since you know that you won’t encounter unreliable internet connections. This feature is critical for high-frequency traders with a larger volume of positions who cannot afford any downtime during their trading.

2. Extremely low latency

Trading Fx VPS has extremely low latency, essential for any VPS service. For traders, this is an important requirement to achieve fast market execution orders without a possibility to encounter lagging or delays. This makes a huge difference, especially for scalpers and high-frequency traders where every pip is crucial.

3. Numerous data centers

Trading Fx VPS uses Equinix data centers, which means that your server will be positioned next to your broker’s and bank servers. This will guarantee the best possible connections with the lowest latency times, which is crucial for forex traders.

Trading Fx VPS has data centers located worldwide:

  • London
  • New York
  • Amsterdam
  • Chicago
  • Frankfurt

4. Servers dedicated to the forex market

Trading Fx VPS offers four dedicated forex servers available in four different plans, depending on where you require your server to be based. You can choose from London, New York, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. These forex dedicated servers cost $199 per month and are designed with technology for the best possible performance in forex trading.

5. VPS plans for different trading styles

You can choose a VPS plan that Trading Fx VPS offers based on what type of trader you are. Since VPS requirements are different for scalpers and swing traders, you can choose your VPS based on the specific trading style that you use, so you get the best possible performance.

6. 24/7 Support

Trading Fx VPS provides 24/7 technical support to their community, which is a significant positive feature for forex traders. They can help you set your programs up and help if anything goes wrong in the process. This is a significant bonus since errors in your trading systems can cost your account balances drastically.

7. Compatible with all platforms & brokers

Trading Fx VPS is compatible with all trading platforms and brokers, which gives you the freedom to use your preferred options. This feature potentially enables you to trade multiple accounts under excellent conditions, which is a significant bonus.

What are the Forex VPS plans & pricing?

Trading Fx VPS offers three plans:

  • Standard for a monthly price of $25
  • Advanced for a monthly price of $45
  • Expert for a monthly price of $90

Standard VPS plan includes 1 Core (Intel I9 3.5GHz+), 2GB DDR4 RAM, 30GB NVMe, Hyper V Virtualization, CLOUD Anti-Virus & Malware Protection, unlimited traffic, OS Windows 2012, supports Mac, Android, and Windows, supports all platforms, supports all EA’s, Immediate activation, optional VPS checkpoints $8 per month.

Advanced VPS plan includes 2 Core (Intel I9 3.5GHz+), 4GB DDR4 RAM, 40GB NVMe, Hyper V Virtualization, CLOUD Anti-Virus & Malware Protection, unlimited traffic, OS Windows 2012/2016/2019, supports Mac, Android, and Windows, supports all platforms, supports all EA’s, Immediate activation, optional VPS checkpoints $11 per month.

Expert VPS plan includes 4 Core (Intel I9 3.5GHz+), 8GB DDR4 RAM, 50GB NVMe, Hyper V Virtualization, CLOUD Anti-Virus & Malware Protection, unlimited traffic, OS Windows 2012/2016/2019, supports Mac, Android, and Windows, supports all platforms, supports all EA’s, Immediate activation, optional VPS checkpoints $14 per month.

For the mentioned VPS plans that Trading Fx VPS is offering, you can choose one of the following payment methods: PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfer, Blockonomics, and BitPay Checkout.

Trading Fx VPS broker partnerships

Trading Fx VPS is partnered with some of the largest brokers worldwide. The benefits are specific discount rates to traders who trade enough volume every month. This means that your broker will provide you with a free VPS if you meet the requirements. Trading Fx VPS is one of the few companies offering partnerships with brokers.

1. Axion Trade

Axion Trade is the first partnered broker that you can potentially receive a free or a discounted VPS. You must trade a minimum of one round lot per calendar month to qualify for a sponsored VPS.

2. Redmars

The second partnered broker is Redmars, where you must trade a minimum of five round lots per calendar month to qualify for a sponsored VPS.

3. AXI

The last partnered broker is AXI, where you must trade a minimum of 5-15 round lots per calendar month to qualify for a sponsored VPS.

Why should you use a VPS for forex trading?

You can have various reasons behind why using a VPS for forex trading can be an excellent idea. Some of the possible uses for the VPS are the following:

1. Forex robots (EA’s)

Anyone who is an EA trader knows that low latency and an excellent connection to the market are two essential factors. Considering that and the fact that your computer and the chart have to run 24/7 in order to execute positions, VPS can benefit you drastically in the long term. Since leaving your computer running for 24 hours a day and ensuring it has a constant connection to the markets can be challenging, setting up a VPS and running the EA on it is much easier. You can do so and only log in when modifications of some sort are needed.

2. Trader Copiers

Using trade copiers is extremely useful for traders. However, you should learn about the tool and how you can use it. Copy traders allow traders to copy trades from another account simultaneously onto unlimited copier accounts. This process can maximize profits, reduce broker exposures, and help manage risk over a trader’s portfolio.

3. Proprietary trading firm funding

Another use of a VPS is setting it up for multiple proprietary trading firms’ accounts and running them simultaneously with a trade copier. Many traders successfully do so by using some of the best prop firms, combined with a trade copier and a Forex VPS.

4. Using trading tools on Mac

For anyone who owns a Mac, it is frustrating that a trading tool like MetaTrader 4 doesn’t work on the operating system in most cases. Nowadays, you have brokers who tried implementing their version, but most MT4 versions don’t support Mac. However, by using a Forex VPS with a combination of a remote desktop tool, you can trade on Windows while being logged in to your Mac. This way, even Mac owners have the necessary functionality that a trader needs.

Traders comments about Trading Fx VPS

Trading Fx VPS has excellent feedback from their community.

On Trustpilot, they have an excellent score of 4.8/5 out of 201 reviews. This can tell us that the company is reliable and trustworthy.

Their community praises the company’s customer support and mentions that the VPS is secure and reliable.

Another source of Trading Fx VPS reviews can be found on Forex Peace Army, where they have a score of 5/5.

Trading Fx VPS customer support

Trading Fx VPS has excellent customer support, which can be seen by the responses to comments from their community.

Trading Fx VPS also provides users with a Knowledge Base and FAQ articles, where they go through specific guides to help their community.

They have an active live chat on their website, where you can contact them if you run into any kind of setback and require additional help or general information.

For additional technical support, Trading Fx VPS can be contacted on their email: [email protected] or on Skype.

You can also request support through their website by clicking here. You must fill out the form, and their customer support team will be in touch shortly.


In conclusion, Trading Fx VPS is for sure one of the best VPS’s available out there. Their 100% uptime, extremely low latency, numerous data centers, servers dedicated to the forex market, VPS plans for different trading styles, 24/7 support, and compatibility with all platforms & brokers can absolutely benefit any trader out there.

Considering all of that and the fact that you can choose one of the three partnered brokers with which you can qualify for a sponsored VPS. The only requirement is to fulfill a certain amount of volume while trading each month. This lot size value ranges from 1 up to 15 lots per month, depending on your broker.

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