FxSVPS is a VPS providing company that was developed in 2012 to offer traders secure and fast internet.

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Who are FxSVPS?

FxSVPS is a company that provides high-quality VPS services that are made specifically for the needs of forex traders. The company has been in the industry since 2012 and has been used by a large number of forex traders worldwide. They also have hosting servers located in data centers in the USA, Canada, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Central Europe, Russia, Singapore, and Australia.

The VPS is perfect for traders or individuals who require a secure and reliable internet connection with a high 99.99% up-time and low latency.

The company’s official name is FxSVPS Ltd. and is managed by FxSUCCESS Ltd.

FxSVPS features

FxSVPS has numerous tools and features that significantly benefit serious forex traders. Let’s go through some of the main features:

1. 99.99% Up-time

FxSVPS is offering 99.99 up-time and DDoS protection, which is essential since you know that you won’t encounter unreliable internet connections. This feature is critical for high-frequency traders with a larger volume of positions who cannot afford any downtime during their trading.

2. Platform is pre-installed

When purchasing FxSVPS, you will install RAM optimization Soft, MT4/MT5 auto startup tools, Essentials trading platform, and any requested software. With this, you will save a lot of time that you would otherwise spend installing software platforms by yourself.

3. Insanely low latency

FxSVPS offers insanely low latency, which will ensure you fast execution of market orders. Latency can be crucial for every trader, especially for high-frequency traders and scalpers who work within the smaller timeframes. With this VPS, the provided latency will be as low as possible.

4. Numerous data centers

FxSVPS uses Equinix data centers, which means that your server will be positioned next to your broker’s and bank servers. This will guarantee the best possible connections with the lowest latency times, which is crucial for forex traders.

FxSVPS has data centers located worldwide:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • London
  • Frankfurt
  • Amsterdam
  • Central Europe
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Australia

5. Optimized technology

FxSVPS uses KVM, XEN & VMware for all of their servers, which is known as one of the best virtualization technologies. All of their servers have included double processors and ultra-fast pure SSD’s.

6. Easy to use

FxSVPS is easy to use. You are offered access via a smartphone, tablet, or PC, allowing you to check the status of your platform at any time. In case of encountering any problems, they offer fast and reliable 24/7 support for their clients.

What are the FxSVPS plans & pricing?

FxSVPS offers four plans:

  • Cheap for a monthly price of $1,3 – $5
  • Exclusive for a monthly price of $9 – $36
  • Dedicated for a monthly price of $99 – $450
  • Free for a monthly price of $0

Cheap plan includes Instant VPS Set Up, Interactive Control Panel, 512-1535 MB of RAM, 15-30 GB of Storage (SSD), 1-2 Core CPU, Dedicated IP Address, Auto Startup for MT4, Genuine OS 2012/2016, Available Server Location, Flexible Bandwidth, Trading Essentials Tools, Ticket Response in 30 Minutes, Low Latency to Top FX Brokers, 24/7 Hours Support Team.

Exclusive plan includes Instant VPS Set Up, Interactive Control Panel, 2-8 GB DDR RAM, 30-100 GB of Storage (SSD), 2-4 Core CPU, 1-2 Dedicated IP Address, Auto Startup for MT4, Genuine OS 2012/16/19, Available Server Location, Unlimited Bandwidth, Trading Essentials Tools, Ticket Response in 15 Minutes, Low Latency to Top FX Brokers, Personal Support Manager.

Dedicated plan includes Low Latency & Top Rated, Root access with full Control, 12-256 GB DDR4 of RAM, 2 x480 GB SSD  SOFT, Intel Xeon E5 Processor, FREE Dedicated IP Address, Custom Configuration Available, Auto Startup for MT4, Any Virtualization System, Available Server Location, Unlimited Bandwidth, 1 to 10 Gbps Port Speed, Low Latency to Top FX Brokers, Personal Support Manager.

Free plan includes Instant VPS Set Up, Easy & Fast Activation, Easy Terms & Conditions, 1 to 30 GB of RAM, 15 to 200 GB of SSD, 1 Dedicated IP Address, Auto Startup for MT4, Genuine OS 2012/16, Available Server Location, Unlimited Bandwidth, Trading Essentials Tools, Ticket Response in 30 Minutes, Low Latency to Top FX Brokers, Personal Support Manager.

For the mentioned VPS plans that FxSVPS offers, you can choose one of the following payment methods: PayPal, Visa/Master Card, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payza, Stripe, Payeer, ADVcash & Bank transfer, and major Crypto.

Why should you use a VPS for forex trading?

You can have various reasons behind why using a VPS for forex trading can be an excellent idea. Some of the possible uses for the VPS are the following:

1. Forex robots (EA’s)

Anyone who is an EA trader knows that low latency and an excellent connection to the market are two essential factors. Considering that and the fact that your computer and the chart have to run 24/7 in order to execute positions, VPS can benefit you drastically in the long term. Since leaving your computer running for 24 hours a day and ensuring it has a constant connection to the markets can be challenging, setting up a VPS and running the EA on it is much easier. You can do so and only log in when modifications of some sort are needed.

2. Trader Copiers

Using trade copiers is extremely useful for traders. However, you should learn about the tool and how you can use it. Copy traders allow traders to copy trades from another account simultaneously onto unlimited copier accounts. This process can maximize profits, reduce broker exposures, and help manage risk over a trader’s portfolio.

3. Proprietary trading firm funding

Another use of a VPS is setting it up for multiple proprietary trading firms’ accounts and running them simultaneously with a trade copier. Many traders successfully do so by using some of the best prop firms, combined with a trade copier and a Forex VPS.

4. Using trading tools on Mac

For anyone who owns a Mac, it is frustrating that a trading tool like MetaTrader 4 doesn’t work on the operating system in most cases. Nowadays, you have brokers who tried implementing their version, but most MT4 versions don’t support Mac. However, by using a Forex VPS with a combination of a remote desktop tool, you can trade on Windows while being logged in to your Mac. This way, even Mac owners have the necessary functionality that a trader needs.

Traders comments about FxSVPS

FxSVPS has great feedback from their community on multiple websites.

On Trustpilot, they have a great score of 4/5 out of 145 reviews. A vast majority of their community has positive feedback about their customer support service.

On Sitejabber, they have an excellent score of 4.75/5 out of 16 reviews.

On HostAdvice, they have an excellent score of 5/5 out of 10 reviews.

Another source of feedback about FxSVPS can be collected from the Forex Peace Army, where they have a low score of 2.569/5 compared to other websites.

FxSVPS customer support

FxSVPS has excellent customer support, which can be seen by the responses to comments from their community.

FxSVPS also provides users with a Knowledge Base and FAQ articles, where they go through specific guides to help their community.

They have an active live chat on their website, where you can contact them if you run into any kind of setback and require additional help or general information.

For additional technical support, FxSVPS can be contacted on their email: [email protected] or Skype

You can also request support through their website by clicking here. You must select the appropriate department and fill out the form. Their customer support team will be in touch shortly.


In conclusion, FxSVPS is one of the most reliable VPS available. Their 99.99% up-time, pre-installed platform, insanely low latency, numerous data centers, optimized technology, and easy-to-use system can absolutely benefit any trader out there.

They have a variety of plans with different pricing, allowing traders to choose what they require for their trading based on the quality of the internet. You are also guaranteed insanely low latency and 99.99% up-time. Pairing that with the company’s positive reputation, they are definitely one of the most reliable VPS company’s available.

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