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Here is how you can get a 5% Discount using our New Discount Code for True Forex Funds. Get started Now!

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New Month, New Day, and New Discount Code for True Forex Funds (TFF). And today, we have the new discount code (DSCNTFF5). True Forex Funds is a fast-growing proprietary trading firm that targets undercapitalized traders who are motivated and ready to get up to $400,000 in funding after completing their 2-Phase Evaluation Process. Upon successfully doing so, they will cover all your losses! What is better than this? So, who wants a 5% off for True Forex Funds? Use our New Discount Code (DSCNTFF5) for 5% off! 

5% off using our New Discount Code for True Forex Funds

  • First, you have to visit the True Forex Funds Website. So, open their website through our link and click ‘Get Started.’
  • Then you will be asked to Log in. If you have an account, then log in. If not, then you need to Sign Up.
  • Then, If you are going to Sign Up, you need to provide the following information. After completing this, you will get a Verification E-mail. There will be a link in the E-mail where you will have to verify.
  • After you have verified, you will be able to log in.
  • After you have logged in, You will have the following screen where you have to click on ‘Add New Challenge.’
TFF Discount
  • Then, you must choose the trading currency, Account Balance, and trading platform. You can see on the screen that you have multiple options. Choose whatever suits you. And in the section of “Discount Code,” paste the Discount Code: DSCNTFF5 for a 5% discount! You can see that we have already applied the Discount.
True Forex Funds Discount
  • After selecting the desired account balance and platform, you will have to enter some general details and proceed to checkout.
True Forex Funds Discount
  • Lastly, select your payment method and complete your purchase. And you are Good to go!
True Forex Funds Discount

You have a 5% discount for True Forex Funds. Please remember that this is not investment advice. Always ensure this is precisely what you are looking for in a prop firm before purchasing. But to make it easier for you, why don’t you read True Forex Funds Review?

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