True Forex Funds Comeback: Introduces Own-Branded cTrader 

True Forex Funds (TFF) makes a comeback with its own-branded cTrader. Learn more.

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True Forex Funds (TFF) makes a comeback from a shutdown but has also surged ahead of its competitors with the launch of its own-branded cTrader platform. The move comes as a response to new regulations, showcasing TFF’s commitment to adaptability and resilience in the ever-evolving proprietary landscape.

TFF’s cTrader solution boasts cutting-edge features, including advanced charting tools, lightning-fast order execution, and market-leading spreads, positioning it as the safest platform for prop trading in the current market.

True Forex Funds Makes a Comeback: Introduces Own-Branded cTrader 

For existing traders, the transition to cTrader is going to be seamless and hassle-free. Traders have the option to migrate their active accounts, ensuring continuity in trading with the same balance and convenience. Simultaneously, TFF is expediting the processing of payouts to facilitate a smooth transition for its user base.

True Forex Funds has always been dedicated to exploring opportunities within the industry to offer an expanded range of solutions to traders. So, the firm has hinted at the imminent availability of additional platforms, promising a diverse and comprehensive trading experience for its users.

Expressing gratitude to its traders for their unwavering support during this transition, TFF acknowledges the incredible patience demonstrated by its community. The firm is going to ensure that this shift not only maintains an uninterrupted trading experience but significantly enhances it.

True Forex Funds extends a clear message to its community: the firm stands as a reliable and dedicated trading partner. The commitment to providing top-tier trading experiences globally remains unwavering.

As TFF embarks on this exciting journey with cTrader, traders can be part of the next chapter in True Forex Funds. The firm assures its traders that the enhanced features and capabilities of cTrader will elevate their trading experience to new heights, promising a future marked by innovation, reliability, and unparalleled trading opportunities.

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