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True Forex Funds “1-Phase Funding” program revolutionizes the evaluation process!

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True Forex Funds has announced its groundbreaking “1-Phase Funding” program. This innovative program aims to provide aspiring traders with a simplified and efficient pathway to secure funding while exhibiting their trading skills.

True Forex Funds’ “1-Phase Funding” program revolutionizes the traditional evaluation process by condensing it into a single, straightforward phase. Aspiring traders will no longer need to navigate through multiple stages, making it the simplest and quickest way to access funding.

True Forex Funds 1-Phase Funding

True Forex Funds 1-Phase Funding Program

One of the standout features of this program is the freedom it offers traders. There are no restrictions on trading styles. This allows participants to leverage their unique strategies and approaches. True Forex Fundsrecognizes that every trader has their own strengths and preferences, and this program embraces that diversity.

Also, traders are required to achieve a 10% profit target. This target is designed to be both challenging and attainable, motivating traders to strive for excellence. Simultaneously, risk management is emphasized, with a daily drawdown limit of 3% and a maximum drawdown of 6%. 

True Forex Funds has also introduced flexible trading requirements. Traders are only expected to trade for a minimum of 5 days. This provides them with the self-sufficiency to manage their trading schedule efficiently. Moreover, the program allows for a maximum trading period of 30 calendar days, accommodating traders with diverse commitments and schedules.

In an industry that often involves complex evaluation processes and strict trading rules, True Forex Fundsstands out as a reliable and innovative prop firm. With the introduction of “1-Phase Funding,” they aim to empower traders and accelerate their journey towards securing funding.

Don’t wait any longer to embark on your trading career, or take it to the next level. Join True Forex Fundstoday, where simplicity meets opportunity. Discover the future of prop trading with the “1-Phase Funding” program.

About the Firm

Traders at True Forex Funds are encouraged to succeed in their careers. You may trade at your discretion and hold your trades as long as you want, meaning they will NEVER regulate your trading style. All they care about are the loss limits, while their main goal is to contract consistently profitable traders and reward them with their high 80% profit split.

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