TopTier Trader Weekly Recap & Statistics

TopTier Trader weekly statistics for 9th- 20th January 2023, and the account details of a trader!

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TopTier Trader debuted on 18th October 2021 and is a relatively new proprietary company. They are based in Delaware, US, and provide undercapitalized traders with funding up to $600,000 with a profit split of 80% to 90%. The firm also has a scaling plan for its best traders that allows for balances of up to $2,000,000.

They use Vital Markets as a broker for their customers. Before requesting their first payout, traders must have had their account open for 20 days. They can then receive bi-weekly payouts after that.

TopTier Trader Weekly Recap

As another week starts, TopTier Trader shared their previous week’s statistics. These statistics are shared by various firms almost every week so traders can see where the prop firms stand. This eventually makes it easier for traders to choose the right firm which is according to their needs.

TopTier Trader statistics for the week are as follows:

There is one trader who stands out, in particular, this week! This trader has an equity gain of over $36.216,00 on his $200k Funded Account!

Here are a few interesting stats from the account:

  • Winrate:
    • 72%
  • Average Risk Reward Ratio:
    • 1:1.53
  • Most Traded Pairs:
    • NAS100 – 50%
    • US30 – 50%
  • Total Trades Taken:
    • 14
  • Distribution of Trades Taken by Session:
    • Asian Session 50%
    • London Session 0%
    • NY Session 50%
  • Distribution of trades by Style:
    • Scalp 50%
    • Intraday 50%
    • Swing Trade 0%
  • Average Length of Trades:
    • Five trades ran on average for 3 to 5 minutes, and all of them ended up as profitable trades.
  • All trades opened and closed during NY Session.
    • Nine trades ran on average for 1 to 2 hours, and 4 of them ended up as losing trades.
  • 7 trades opened and closed during Asian Session
  • 2 trades opened and closed during NY Session

Congratulations to all those who got funded, and traders who are considering trading with TopTier Trader can use our discount code (TMZ2IGAINC) for a 5% discount. Also, if you want to read about Prop firms with live chat support, click on the link.

Happy trading!

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