TopTier Trader Giveaway: Chance to win a $10,000 Trading Setup

All challenges purchased would get a 10% discount +90% profit +one entry for Top Tier giveaway.

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On 18th October 2021, TopTier Trader, a relatively new proprietary company, went live. They are based in Delaware, US, and provide undercapitalized traders with funding up to $600,000 with a profit split of 80% to 90%. Remember that they also have a scaling plan for their best traders that allows for balances of up to $2,000,000. They use Vital Markets as a broker for their customers. You can trade during news, hold overnight, and on the weekends. The prop firm gives its clients a choice between two different programs:

  • Top Tier Challenge evaluation program accounts
  • Top Tier Challenge Plus evaluation program accounts

TopTier Trader Trading Setup Giveaway

The prop firm TopTier Trader has a special trading Setup Giveaway for its traders. TopTier Trader is giving away a $10,000 Dream Trading Setup. The setup they are offering is fantastic.

To enter the Raffle:

  • Every Challenge Purchased is One Valid Raffle Entry.

This is a chance for traders to get a $10,000 DREAM TRADING SETUP GIVEAWAY! THIS A FANTASTIC OFFER BY AN INCREDIBLE PROP FIRM. One challenge purchase = One entry
Also, the firm is offering a 10% coupon and a 90% payout. The Raffle ends on 4th February at 11:59 pm EST! To get the discount, use promo code ‘DREAMBIG.’

TopTier Trader will announce the winners of the Raffle for the trading set up on 11th February 2023 Saturday! Stay tuned till then. Reminding you again that All challenges purchased will get a 10% discount +90% profit +one entry into the Raffle.
Disclaimer: no purchase is necessary; application for entry available—void where prohibited.

Also, let us remind you again that TopTier Trader has two programs. Both of the programs are two-step challenges. Different account sizes are available, from which traders can choose whichever suits them the most.

So, get your hands on the challenge and get a chance to win a $10,000 Trading Setup!

Lastly, don’t forget the discount code (TMZ2IGAINC) for a 5% discount. Also, if you want to read about which other prop firms offer 2-step challenges, click on the link.

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