The Renewed Trading Schedule by FundedNext

The USA ended daylight saving. FundedNext make announcements regarding this and ask traders to adjust to these changes manually.

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FundedNext aspires to be the best partner for traders. Because of this, they considered every aspect of a trader’s experience with the platform. With daylight saving time ending, they have revised the trading schedule. Let’s take a look.

Characteristics of FundedNext

Quickly gain access to your account

Investors don’t have to wait for hours to access their trading accounts. As soon as the registration process is finished, FundedNext traders have immediate access to their trading accounts.

No implausible profit goals with Fundednext

They intend to allow traders to spread their wings rather than enclose them within restrictions. Anyone can make as much profit as they want. The FundedNext-funded trader program does not have a huge profit target.

Raw Spreads, Low Commissions

They offer a large selection of assets with extremely low commissions and super-raw spreads. Due to this, traders can trade unusual currency pairs, experiment with scalping, and much more.

Suitable for all types of trading

Swing trading, scalping, and other trading philosophies are all welcome at FundedNext. Traders are encouraged to experiment with them. Additionally, traders are free to make use of other tools like copiers and expert advisors.

Friendly Leverage for Traders

They give each of the trading accounts a leverage of 1:100. Because of this, traders can employ suitable lot sizes even when employing modest stop losses. Due to this, trading with FundedNext accounts is a very fluid and flexible process overall.

FundedNext –A Licensed and Trusted Broker

This platform works with an ASIC-regulated broker called “EightCap,” which has won the title of “Best Global Forex MT4 Broker 2020” at the Global Forex Awards for its rock-solid and high-performing service.

Set The Timing with FundedNext

FundedNext made an announcement about Daylight Saving. Traders are aware that the USA has stopped using daylight saving time. So, one hour has been added to the clocks. 

They announced that the time will now be displayed on 8Cap Meta Trader-based platforms as GMT +2. Traders who are using EA/Bot trading/Algorithm based trading solutions should adjust to these changes manually.

                    SYMBOL             Session Times
                    AUS200                    00:50-07:30, 08:10-23:00
                    EUSTX50                    02:15-23:00
                    GER30                    02:15-23:00
                    NTH25                    09:00-23:00  
                    SW120                    09:00-23:00
                    FRA40                    09:00-23:00 
                    UK100                    09:00-23:00
                    HK50             03:15-6:00, 07:00-10:30, 11-15-21:00
                    ASX                     01:05-06:55     

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