The King’s Tournament by The Funded Trader

The Funded Trader Program announced that they would be hosting the King’s Tournament, and they declared the prizes.

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The Funded Trader is a firm for passionate and experienced traders. The firm for traders who want to succeed with their funds helps by showing skills in unpredictable market conditions. 

They allow traders to earn high profits by managing account sizes up to $1,500,000 and taking home profit splits up to 90%. Traders can achieve this by trading forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

The Funded Trader is a proprietary firm incorporated on the 12th of May, 2021. They have an office based in the US while offering their traders a chance to work with capital up to $1,500,000 in balance and with up to 90% profit splits. The firm has partnered with brokers Eightcap and Purple Trading Seychelles.

Their headquarters are at 14001 W HWY 29, Suite 102, Liberty Hill, TX 78642.

The Funded Trader and Massive King’s Tournament 

The Funded Trader has been waiting to announce this to their community. Their goal at The Funded Trader is to create an immersive experience for traders beyond the charts. 

They do many giveaways, totaling 10s of thousands of dollars, and this time they wanted to take it all to another level which they did. 

So, they announced that they would be hosting the ‘Kings Tournament,’ which will result in one person Winning a Tesla and $20k Cash. The firm shared that it felt that it was only fitting to center it around the World Cup, which will start soon. 

Full details for the competition will be released, but the winner will be crowned in a battle of the ages.

The prizes of the Tournament include:

  • Free Tesla
  • $20K Cash
  • Bonus Prize

If traders want to participate, they can fill out a form to stay updated on what’s to come.

Traders can also get a 10% discount on their challenges by using our Special Code (FOREXPROPREVIEWS)

Happy trading, traders!

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