The Funded Trader Weekly Statistics!

The Funded Trader weekly statistics, top payouts, and affiliate payouts for 2nd – 6th of January, 2023.

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The Funded Trader is an excellent choice to get funded since you have three different funding programs you can choose from that have realistic trading objectives to follow and conditions to receive payouts. The firm was incorporated on the 12th of May, 2021. After getting funded, traders are eligible for bi-weekly payouts with no minimum profit targets.

The prop firm uses Eightcap and Purple Trading Seychelles as their broker.

The Funded Trader Weekly Statistics

The Funded Trader has shared its weekly statistics for the 2nd of January – the 6th of January,2023. The firm has been making updates and is launching new programs (i.e., The One Step Challenge). Let’s look at how they started 2023 by looking at the first Week’s Statistics!

  • Total Payouts: $1,522,848
  • Largest Single Payout: $103,020 ($600,000 Account)
  • Most Traded Instruments:
    • GBP/USD
    • US30
    • EUR/USD
  • Volume by Session:
    • ASIAN: 248,977 lots
    • LONDON: 304,707 lots
    • NEW YORK: 170,226 lots

The firm also shared the Top Payouts Affiliate payouts for the week. Let’s take a look at them too:

  • The Total Payout: $103,020.58
    • Account Size: $600,000
    • Gain: 17.17%
  • Total Payout: $55,640.84
    • Account Size: $400,000
    • Gain: 13.91%
  • The Total Payout: $47,885.10
    • Account Size: $200,000
    • Gain: 23.94%
  • Total Payout: $37,811.29
    • Account Size: $400,000
    • Gain: 9.45%
  • The Total Payout: $26,117.85
    • Account Size: $200,000
    • Gain: 13.05%

Affiliates Payouts:

  1. $8,721.00
  2. $5,887.00
  3. $5,588.00
  4. $4,129.76
  5. $2,749.00

A tremendously successful week this was for The Funded Trader. The firm is making tremendous and continuous strikes in the prop firm industry. We cannot wait to see what more the firm plans to offer its traders.

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