The Funded Trader Interview with the Youngest Paid-out Trader!

The Funded Trader interview with newly minted funded trader and the youngest paid-out trader.

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The Funded Trader has an office based in the US that offers its traders four different evaluation programs. The firm gives traders a chance to work with capital up to $1,500,000 in balance and with up to 90% profit splits. 

They have average profit targets and relatively low minimum trading day requirements.

The Funded Trader Interview with the Youngest Paid-out trader

Let’s end this week with a motivating story from a trader. The Funded Trader shared an interview with their funded trader and the youngest paid-out trader, who has earned over $39,000 as a funded trader. He shares his trading journey, principles on risk management, psychology, and a look into his strategy.

Zaid Zaidy is a 19-year-old trader born in Iraq but raised in Jordan. He worked as a bartender at his father’s restaurant until age 15. But he soon realized that wasn’t for him.

“Trading is like gambling with an edge” is the quote that helped Zaid start trading. Zaid believes that no one is born with the ability to trade, but you must put in the work and start learning. He knew he had to make a change, so he decided to stop listening to everybody.

He knew about prop firms and how they help traders achieve their goals by funding their accounts. However, for Zaid, TFT was the best option for him. He then goes on to appreciate TFT and lists everything he admires about it, like the pricing, website interface, the fantastic support from the community, and even quick payouts; ‘For my last payout on TFT, I made a request on Friday and got paid the same day.’

Advice for Traders

‘Keep going!’ Zaid says. He recognizes how unfortunate it might feel to lose but advises people not to quit. He explained that although he had been profitable for a year and a half, he also had his fair share of losses for over two years. ‘I didn’t win because I was special; I only got my mindset, system, and psychology right, so keep going!’

To watch the full interview, click below:

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