The Funded Trader interview with Stephano; Know his Profit

The Funded Trader Stephano, who recently received $25,000 payout, & his experiences in the market.

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The Funded Trader was established on May 12, 2021. As their brokers, they have agreements with Eightcap and Purple Trading Seychelles. They have average profit targets and relatively low minimum trading day requirements compared to other leading prop companies. 

The Funded Trader Interview with the Trader

The Funded Trader shared an interview with a football player Stephano, a 25-year-old from Milan, Italy, who began trading after his professional football career while playing in Germany and then in London, England, where he encountered a significant issue. As a result, he had to return to his family and begin working.

Stephano eventually discovered friends who owned a company that specialized in trading systems, and he began trading after that. He started and saw that The Funded Trader was a great way to function the system, and he found great relief in his current financial freedom. He earned with The Funded Trader with the funded accounts, 25,000 dollars.

Stephano monitors the market every day and plays it as he displays it against the trend because the market has been incredibly irrational in this for the past two years. Although it’s a discretionary tactic, he uses it and a few others, so he is still picking up new skills.

He suggested that investors begin investing in proprietary trading because it is a fantastic opportunity to run the risk of losing money if they are mistaken. The best course of action may be to begin investing the funds and attempt to open a funded account so that traders have days to gauge their financial situation.

To watch the full video of The Funded Trader Interview with Stephano, click the link below.

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