The Funded Trader Interview with Sarai- $1,200 Profit made!

The Funded Trader, Sarai shared her trader’s journey and thoughts about the platform.

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The Funded Trader offers $1,500,000 in balance, and up to 90% profit splits for prop firms. Comparing The Funded Trader to many other companies in the sector, getting funding is feasible and might even be more straightforward.

  • Leverage and Overnight Holding
  • Lenient Trading Conditions
  • One Step Challenge

The Funded Trader Interview with Trader

In an interview with The Funded Trader, Tori speaks with Sarai Antoine as she runs through her trading journey with The Funded Trader. She says how she learned about the program, suggestions for the challenge, and overall feedback about The Funded Trader. Sarai is a newly minted female funded trader who passed her evaluation test to become a funded trader on her first try.

She shares her trading journey, principles on risk management, psychology, and a look into her strategy. Sarai Antoine, also known as ‘the female trader,’ started trading about four years ago.

Sarai explained how she had heard about prop firms and had taken a series of evaluation tests before, but she didn’t hear of TFT till after one of her members accepted the challenge and passed it. He then spoke to her about the opportunity of being funded through the program.

She mentioned how she had to research the organization and proceeded to mention the things she liked about the program, including the leverage and minimum trading days. Another plus for her was seeing all the good reviews on Instagram and YouTube from different people about the program.

This also helped confirm the legitimacy of the program for her. She then decided to try it out and passed the evaluation on her first try.

She advised traders, “Don’t be afraid to reach out.” Sarai talks about how there’s usually a sense of pride, especially for new traders, so the extra leap could help transition their trading experience. She also goes on to explain how the market rewards patience. “As long as you’re willing to work to execute what you need, the sky is the limit.”

To watch the full video of The Funded Trader Interview with Sarai:

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