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Benefit from another trader Tori interviewed about his trading journey!

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The Funded Trader differs from most of the top prop firms in the market because it hardly ever controls traders’ trading strategies; traders can trade during breaking news, hold trades overnight, and trade on the weekends.

By managing account sizes up to $1,500,000 and taking home profit splits up to 90%, traders can generate high profits. Traders can do this by trading cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and forex pairs.

Brokers for the Funded Trader include Eightcap and Purple Trading Seychelles.

With an outstanding rating of 4.9/5 out of 3,323 reviews, they have a wide range of their community commenting and providing positive feedback on Trustpilot.

On May 12, 2021, the firm was officially established. Their main office is 14001 West Highway 29, Suite 102, Liberty Hill, Texas 78642.

The Funded Trader Interview with Another Successful Trader

The Funded Trader shared another interview where Tori asked the trader about his trading journey.

In the most recent interview, Tori speaks with Rame, who discusses his experience trading with the prop firm and how he learned about the program, advice for the challenge, and general thoughts on the Funded Trader. He genuinely exemplifies the qualities a funded trader seeks in an evaluation program. Learn about the journey leading him to his current position at The Funded Trader.

He is from Indonesia, and when it comes to strategies, his experience is very similar to that of many other traders. They will experiment with numerous strategies before settling on consistently profitable ones. However, they know they must accept losses alongside wins; in the best-case scenario, wins outweigh losses.

There are tremendous earning potentials for traders, and it’s wonderful when the neighborhood prospers. Hopefully, this video can inform people about the enormous profit potential of Prop Firm, which they may have yet to learn.

To watch the full interview, here is the link:

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