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This time, Forex Prop Reviews has a comparison video for traders that features two of the best prop trading companies in the market: The Funded Trader and FundedNext.

Comparison between The Funded Trader & FundedNext

Here are the general company details of both prop firms:

Company DetailsThe Funded TraderFundedNext
Incorporation dateMay 2021March 2022
CEOAngelo CiaramelloAbdullah Jayed
Office locationLiberty Hill, TexasUAE, USA, UK, and Bangladesh
Maximum allocation capital$ 1,500,000$ 4,000,000

For people looking for long-term partnerships where traders can obtain that kind of capital and some long-term value, both prop trading firms have scaling potential.

The Funded Trader & FundedNext Funding Programs

They do have various structures when it comes to funding programs. Here is the comparison between them:

Funding programThe Funded TraderFundedNext
One-step evaluation –Express model
Two-step evaluationStandard challengeEvaluation model
 Rapid challenge 
 Royal Challenge 

The two-step evaluation program is the only thing the two prop trading firms have in common, so that’s the one we’ll be comparing and contrasting.

Trading Objectives

Trading Objectives of The Funded Trader and FundedNext

Trading objectivesThe Funded Trader StandardThe Funded Trader RapidThe Funded Trader RoyalFundedNext
Phase 1 profit target10%8%8%10%
Phase 2 profit target5%5%5%5%
Maximum daily loss6%5%5%5%
Maximum loss12%8%10%10%
Minimum trading daysFive calendar daysNo minimum trading daysFive calendar daysFive calendar days
Maximum trading days35 calendar days (phase1), 60 calendar days (phase 2)35 calendar days (phase1), 60 calendar days (phase 2)35 calendar days (phase1), 60 calendar days (phase 2)35 calendar days (phase1), 60 calendar days (phase 2)
Profit split80% up to 90%80% up to 90%80% up to 90%80% up to 90%

Let’s look at the two-step evaluation program costs for these.

Account sizeThe Funded Trader StandardThe Funded Trader RapidThe Funded Trader RoyalFundedNext
$15,000– – $99

Trading Platform

Let’s look at the trading platforms of both prop firms

Trading platformsThe Funded TraderFundedNext
BrokerEightcap, Purple Trading SeychellesEightcap
Trading platformMetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 (only with Eightcap)MetaTrader 4

The Funded Trader and the FundedNext use different trading instruments.

Trading instrumentsThe Funded TraderFundedNext
Forex pairsYesYes


Let’s talk about the commissions a trader would pay when dealing with each prop firm.

Trading instrumentsThe Funded TraderFundedNext
Forex pairs7 USD / LOT3 USD / LOT
Commodities0 USD / LOT0 USD / LOT
Indices0 USD / LOT0 USD / LOT
Cryptocurrencies0 USD / LOTР

Trustpilot Statistics

The last thing to discuss is the feedback from their community, which is another crucial factor to consider when selecting a prop trading company. This is because it gives traders a lot of information about the pros and cons of a prop firm. Due to this, Forex Prop Reviews will evaluate them using Trustpilot statistics.

Trustpilot statisticsThe Funded TraderFundedNext
Number of reviews2,353336

Because The Funder Trader has been operating in the market for nearly a year longer than FundedNext, there is a difference in the number of reviews, which is partly explained by this. Even though they can undoubtedly be regarded as two of the leading prop firms in their respective industries, that doesn’t necessarily explain why they have more reviews.

Nonetheless, both businesses stand up with some excellent reviews, so check them out:

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