The Funded Trader Competition Updates!

The Funded Trader January Competition Updates and the prizes for next month’s competition.

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 The Funded Trader is looking for passionate and experienced traders who will succeed with their funds’ help by showing skills in unpredictable market conditions. They allow them to earn high profits by managing account sizes up to $1,500,000 and taking home profit splits up to 90%. Traders can achieve this by trading forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

  • 80% up to 90% profit split for standard accounts
  • Leverage up to 200:1
  • Over 2k Trustpilot reviews with an excellent score of 4.9/5

The Funded Trader Competitions

The Funded Trader announced that the January Competition is officially live! But there are some corrections made. The firm will be implementing the following rule change:

  • You can only open one lot max on EACH index and commodities instrument. The overall max lot rule is still 5. This means you can open one lot US30, one lot GOLD, one lot NAS100, and two lots USDCAD and you are entirely within the rules!
  • Forex is still five lots max per instrument. 

The prop firm said they would update the settings and help center to reflect the change! 

To see the official standings, you can click on the link.


The Funded Trader also announced the Next Month Competition prizes, which are the following:

  • 1st place 300K Royal Challenge + $2,000 CASH
  • 2nd place $200k Royal Challenge + $1,000 CASH
  • 3rd place $100k Royal Challenge + $500 CASH
  • 4th to 15th $50k Royal Challenge
  • 16 to 30: $25k Standard Challenge
  • 31 to 50: $10k Standard Challenge

To register for next month’s competition, traders can click on the link.

Best of luck, everyone!

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Happy Trading!

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