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DT4X Trader has officially announced on the 5th of February that they are closing their doors.
12 months ago 0 1664
DT4X Trader has officially announced that they are closing their doors on the 5th of February, 2022.
1 year ago 0 1214
DT4X Trader has made some important changes to its Terms & Conditions. They become active on the 28th ...
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As a prop trader, you can take part in the firm’s profit without risking your capital.
1 year ago 0 698
The price increased by $70 for each of the trading accounts.
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The5%ers – The Market Profile indicator depicts price action over time, highlighting key areas with a high trading ...
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We wanted to thank you to visit our page. We noticed that a lot of traders is interested ...
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Find 5 best forex prop trading firms of 2021 below! With so many new forex prop firms coming ...
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