Strategies, opinions, and trading journey of a successful Audacity Capital trader

‘Meet Kyle $120,000 to $240,000 Funded Trader account progression in less than a week!’, interview by Audacity Capital.

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With a partnership based on openness, respect, and fairness, traders can strengthen their trading with Audacity Capital. The proprietary trading company is well-known all around the world. They have supported traders in more than 140 nations ever since 2012. 

Audacity Capital has developed a solid reputation for helping traders who exhibit potential in Forex trading. They provide them with guidance and support so they can more effectively monetize their skills. As a people’s company, they are committed to fostering a long-lasting relationship with their traders by giving them the conditions necessary for success and performance. 

One of the many advantages for traders who sign up with Audacity Capital is having direct access to trading funds.

 The benefits of trading with them:

  • Trade with up to Half a Million US Dollar
  • Fair Profit Sharing
  •  Access to Trading Support
  • Flexible Trading Conditions
  • No Liability for Losses

They have received two awards from The International Investor

  1. Excellence in Trading Innovation
  2. Excellence in Professional Trading

Their aim has always been to provide people with the resources they need to reach success.

  • Fully funded trading account
  • Big profits 50-50 % profit split
  • Mobile International Trading
  • Traders are not liable for losses
  • 10% Drawdown
  • Robust Technology and Deep Institutional Liquidity

Audacity Capital has a world-renowned reputation for funding and backing profitable traders. future.


In a recent video on the Official YouTube page of Audacity Capital, the prop firm shows the progress of one of its traders.

The interview shows what strategies were used by him and how he started his trading journey. The Trader also highlighted why he chose to be a part of this firm particularly. He said, ‘I would suggest Audacity Capital for a lot of new Forex Trader beginners because this can also help with sharpening their skill. Also, there’s more than enough support staff at Audacity Capital to help you along the way.’

To view the full video, here’s the link:

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