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Let’s learn the Statistics for the month of December 2022 for FundedNext!

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Statistics is an essential tool for understanding data and making informed decisions. They allow us to identify trends, make predictions, and quantify relationships. They also help us to assess risk and uncertainty.

Without statistics, we would be relying on our gut feelings to make decisions, which is often not the best approach. Statistics provide a systematic way of looking at data and can help us to avoid bias and personal prejudices.

Importance of Statistics Review in Business

Statistics are vital for businesses to review on a regular basis. They provide valuable insights into how the company is performing overall, as well as where improvements need to be made. Without this critical data, it would be very difficult to make informed decisions about the direction of the business.

They can help identify areas where the company excels and areas that need improvement. Additionally, statistics can reveal customer trends that may not be immediately obvious.

Overall, reviewing company statistics on a regular basis is essential for making informed decisions about the business. Without this data, it would be difficult to know where improvements need to be made or which areas are performing well. Statistics provide valuable insights that can help businesses continue to grow and succeed.

FundedNext Statistics of December 2022

FundedNext is a proprietary trading company with roots in Bangladesh. It offers trade enthusiasts capital of up to $200,000, backed by a sound risk-reduction plan. Keeping in view the importance of statistics, the firm has provided its users with an overview of December 2022.

Let’s take a look:

Total Payout Amount: $3,574,881

15% Payout from Demo Phase: $592,933

Total Traders Paid: 1,523

Top Three Payouts: 

  • $38,466
  • $24,698
  • $23,248

Total Number of Lots: 1,769,876

Total Number of Trades: 1,337,844

Top Pairs of December 2022:

  • US30

The Top Three Winning Pairs of December 2022:

  • USDCHF – 61.11%
  • XAUUSD – 59.50%
  • EURUSD – 58.86%

Top Three Losing Pairs of December 2022:

  • US30 – 49.96%
  • AUDJPY – 47.69%
  • NDX100 – 45.98%

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