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Forex Gump’s developers applied several cutting-edge trading indicators while also testing the software before the actual launch in the market for the best possible results.

Forex Gump breakdown

  1. Development

Forex Gump has been in development for more than a year and a half.

  1. Packages & Prices

You can opt to choose from the following packages:

  • Standard, which provides you with the following: 1 live account, 1 demo account, free 24/7 support, free updates, 30-day money-back guarantee for a price of €199
  • Premium, which provides you with the following: 3 live accounts, unlimited demo accounts, free 24/7 support, free updates, 30-day money-back guarantee for a price of €399
  1. Pairs
You can trade the following pairs on H4 timeframe:
You can trade the following pairs on M1 timeframe:
  1. Timeframes

Forex Gump runs and executes trades on the H4 and M1 timeframe.

Trading strategy

Forex Gump runs on nine currency pairs on the M1 and 25 currency pairs on the H4. Depending on how much risk you want to involve, you can choose which pairs you want it to trade. You can opt for major currency pairs with lower spreads and less slippage or minor currency pairs that have higher spreads with more slippage.

Since Forex Gump has an option to trade the M1 timeframe, you should consider using a good ECN forex broker to ensure yourself the best trading conditions.

Forex Gump decides to opt for trades based on a combination of his features, which are trend filters, price action, and a news filter. You can also choose from low, medium, or high-risk modes depending on your trading preference.

Forex Gump backtesting

For Forex Gump, there are a 1,058 days history closed backtest account. You can see account growth, cumulative profit, and banked return $ per day statistics below:

Forex Gump live results

It is essential to keep in mind that any results shown by Forex Gump are based on historical data, which doesn’t guarantee how the robot will perform in the future. You should consider the risks while being involved with trading online.

50K account with H4 timeframe
4K account with M1 timeframe

Clients comments about Forex Gump

Forex Gump has limited information from its clients.

You can only find one review about Forex Gump on Trustpilot.


In conclusion, Forex Gump is a fully automated EA that can hit more significant drawdowns at times, meaning that it can be a greater risk but potentially more rewarding.

Forex Gump’s M1 timeframe trading should be primarily used with a broker with tight spreads with fewer chances of slippage. While working with this timeframe, you should proceed with caution and set a risk to reward ratio accordingly.
While there are better and more established robots out there, the purchase of Forex Gump also includes instructions, support, and a money-back guarantee.

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