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DynaScalp breakdown

1. Development

DynaScalp has been developing since June 2020.

2. Packages & Prices

You can opt to choose from the following packages:

  • One year membership, which provides you with the following: DynaScalp software, best settings, free updates, super customer support, best recommendations, 30-day money-back guarantee for a price of $247
  • Lifetime membership, which provides you with the following: DynaScalp software, best settings, free updates, super customer support, best recommendations, 30-day money-back guarantee for a price of $397

3. Pairs

You can trade the following pairs on M15 timeframes:

4. Timeframes

DynaScalp runs and executes trades on the M15 timeframe.

Trading strategy

DynaScalp is a fully automated scalping robot that doesn’t support grid and martingale trading strategies. It is accessible to all forex traders, even the inexperienced ones, because of the step-by-step setup instructions to set the robot up on your MetaTrader 4.

ECN brokers are suggested since they include tighter spreads, competitive commission fees, and reliable trade execution speeds without dealer desk intervention. These factors are even more critical because DynaScalp is a scalping robot, meaning that it enters and exits positions in shorter timeframes.

We require the best possible bid/ask prices available for scalping, which ECN brokers can provide for us. They accomplish this by matching the best prices available in the liquidity pool when a trader wants to enter a position. You should also factor in market volatility and trading hours, which play a significant role when looking at execution speeds.

DynaScalp backtesting

DynaScalp has been backtested on multiple currency pairs adding diversity to the trading portfolio. The historical data of 10 years shows that it can perform well trading numerous currency pairs.

However, backtesting doesn’t include commissions, slippage, and spreads, significantly impacting scalping systems. That being said, you should probably start by testing the robot on a demo account, and when satisfied with the results, change it to a real account.

Despite the lack of backtesting information, you can still find real, verified trading accounts running DynaScalp software.

You can download the backtesting data for all currency pairs below by clicking here.

AUD/CAD; $1,000 trading account
AUD/USD; $1,000 trading account
CHF/JPY; $1,000 trading account
EUR/AUD; $1,000 trading account
EUR/CAD; $1,000 trading account
EUR/CHF; $1,000 trading account
EUR/GBP; $1,000 trading account
EUR/JPY; $1,000 trading account
EUR/USD; $1,000 trading account
GBP/CHF; $1,000 trading account
GBP/USD; $1,000 trading account
USD/CAD; $1,000 trading account
USD/CHF; $1,000 trading account
USD/JPY; $1,000 trading account
XAU/USD; $1,000 trading account

DynaScalp live results

It is essential to keep in mind that any results shown by DynaScalp are based on historical data, which doesn’t guarantee how the robot will perform in the future. You should consider the risks while being involved with trading online.

DynaScalp; Real medium risk account
DynaScalp; Real low-risk account

Clients comments about DynaScalp

DynaScalp has no client comments on Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

However, you can check LeapFX, the creators of DynaScalp, on Trustpilot. You can see that some reviews mention this robot and give positive feedback about it.


In conclusion, DynaScalp is a fully automated scalping EA with relatively low drawdowns compared to other robots. It supports 15 different currency pairs with backtesting on all of them over the last 10 years. On the medium risk account, the highest drawdown it hit was 17.31%, while on the low-risk account, it was only 7.27%.

Since DynaScalp is a scalping system that relies on shorter trades looking to grab just a few pips, meaning that it will require excellent broker conditions. Preferably we need tight spreads, competitive commissions, and low slippage.

With the lack of backtesting information, I would recommend running DynaScalp on a demo account first to test its strategy and see how it performs compared to their Myfxbook accounts.

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