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Forex Capital Funds aim to facilitate quick and convenient access to global markets at significantly reduced expenses compared to the current prop trading industry. They also aspire to revolutionize prop traders' perceptions of what they can accomplish within a trader funding program on a more significant basis.
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Super Funded was founded by veterans of the Australian forex industry. They have a combined experience of around 50 years, with a mission to create a funding program that is beneficial to traders across the world. Their funding program requires a trader to pass an evaluation to demonstrate their skills and discipline.
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OspreyFX allows traders to trade liquidity from the top investment banks, meaning that you can trade on ultra-tight spreads, which start at 0.0 pips. They work with some of the largest banks and institutions around the world, which allow them to process all of your orders directly through a genuine ECN trading environment.
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My Forex Funds began in 2020, intending to find professional traders. They started by offering only their Rapid account type, which gained immediate success after its release. However, nowadays they have developed three different funding programs: Rapid, Evaluation, and Accelerated for all types of traders.
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Leveled Up Society is searching for passionate and experienced traders to offer them an opportunity to trade with their funds and earn higher profits. They offer excellent trading conditions, competitive prices, reliable payouts, a top management team, and no time limitations on any of their funding program options.
2.5 rating
BuoyTrade is on a mission to find successful traders around the world. They have developed an evaluation process to distinguish and identify an individual’s qualities that they are seeking. They were founded with a belief that a future where skilled and disciplined traders deserve direct access to significant capital.
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Alphachain has a belief in growing their talent. For that exact reason, they have developed a unique career path with live capital to fund prop traders regardless of their experience or academic background. They encourage traders in achieving financial freedom while providing them with exceptional educational content.
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