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City Traders Imperium is a private company based in London, England. On its website, CTI offers educational materials under the heading “Forex Education.”

They are a legally recognized UK business with headquarters in London. On July 13, 2018, Daniel Bautista incorporated them.

City Traders Imperium Funding Programs

Day trading, standard, classic, and direct funding programs are available from CTI. Direct funding enables traders to forego the evaluation phase and make money immediately. Classic and standard funding programs are one-step evaluation programs.

On the other hand, the day trading funding program is evaluated in two steps. Each funding program also provides different scaling plans that let traders open to $2,000,000 in credit per account.

Trading on Meta Trader 5 with a third-party program as the broker is permitted by the prop firm. City Traders Imperium offers forex pairs and gold as trading instruments for evaluation processes. Portfolio manager accounts allow you to trade forex pairs, gold, and indices.

In contrast to the standard and classic funded trader programs, which only have one step for traders, the day trader-funded program has two phases. 

CTI Day and Direct Funded Trading program

For the day trading funded trader program, the time limit is 90 days for both phases. This is different from all other time limits. Traders have 45 days for phase one and 45 days for phase two, respectively.

The direct funded program has no steps, challenges, or time limits. You instantly take on the role of the portfolio manager. 

To assist traders in determining which funded program is most appropriate for a day trading strategy, a swing trading strategy, or a combination of the two, Rodrigo, the host, compares all the CTI-funded trader programs in this video. 

Therefore, traders may want to watch this video if anyone is a funded trader who needs to learn about City Traders Imperium.

To learn more about City Traders Imperium, maximum daily drawdown, maximum overall drawdown, profit split, time limit, minimum ATD, comparison of prices, tradeable assets, news trading, commissions, payout, scaling plan, and payout options, watch this video.

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