OspreyFX Funded Account Challenge- What Sets it Apart?

OspreyFX making waves since the launch of its funded account challenge program in late 2021.

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OspreyFX has been making waves in the prop community since the launch of its funded account challenge program in late 2021. As of December 30, 2021, this innovative initiative has been offering traders a golden opportunity to take their trading careers to the next level.

OspreyFX’s funded account challenge program is designed to empower traders with substantial financial backing, enabling them to unlock their full potential in the trading markets.

OspreyFX Funded Account Challenge

Here’s what you need to know about this game-changing program:

OspreyFX’s program allows traders to access funded trading accounts with capital reaching as high as $200,000. Also, to qualify for a funded account, traders are required to pass a two-phase evaluation challenge. What truly sets OspreyFX apart is its remarkable Profit-split. Successful traders who complete the challenge program are awarded a substantial 70% profit share. Moreover, OspreyFX encourages traders to exercise their trading strategies without undue restrictions. Traders can trade at their discretion and hold positions for as long as they see fit. OspreyFX prides itself on offering traders access to institutional-grade liquidity from top-tier investment banks. This ensures that traders have access to the best possible trading conditions and execution speed.

While OspreyFX emphasizes trading freedom, it also maintains strict loss limit rules to mitigate risk. These rules are in place to promote consistency and responsible trading among participants.

OspreyFX’s funded account challenge program has quickly gained recognition in the prop world as a groundbreaking program that empowers traders to reach their financial goals. This program offers an opportunity that is hard to match in the industry. 

About the Firm

OspreyFX allows traders to trade liquidity from the top investment banks, meaning that you can trade on ultra-tight spreads, which start at 0.0 pips. They work with some of the largest banks and institutions around the world, which allows them to process all of your orders directly through a genuine ECN trading environment.

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