OspreyFX Black Friday Sale Announcement

OspreyFx announced its Black Friday sale. Traders can get 37% off on all the funded account challenges. Enjoy the Sale!

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The funded account challenge program for OspreyFX, an ECN broker, went into effect on December 30, 2021. They are based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and provide traders with funded accounts worth up to $200,000 after completing their 2-phase evaluation challenge with a 70% profit share. 

Their corporate headquarters are in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Suite 305 of Griffith Corporate Centre. A two-step evaluation program with five different account sizes is available to traders at OspreyFX.

Through the provision of institutional-grade liquidity from leading investment banks, OspreyFX supports the success of its traders. Traders can trade at their discretion and hold their trades for however long they want. 

The firm’s top priority is maintaining strict adherence to its loss cap guidelines to attract reliable traders who will receive 70% profit shares for any gains they make. Fast ECN broker OspreyFX provides clients with a 100:1 leverage ratio. They’ve made the decision to open up $100,000 in accounts for their proprietary trading firm.

OspreyFX Black Friday Sale

It’s probably Black Friday sale week for everyone because every firm is announcing it. Prop firms are no different. Traders who know the value of this Black Friday Sale were probably waiting for this fantastic opportunity. 

OspreyFX is no different. Today the firms announced their Black Friday sale.

  • Traders can enjoy 37% OFF on all of Osprey’s Funded Account Challenges!

37% OFF? Amazing. Isn’t it?

 Pass the two stages and take your trading to the next level with their funding!

 Promotion is available here

 Get It Now before it Expires on Friday!

It’s the season of Black Friday, so traders who are interested should take advantage of this Sale.

Also, Traders can get 15% off by using Forex Prop Review special discount code (FOREXPROPREVIEWS15)

Happy Black Friday sale and Happy trading, everyone! 

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