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Find 3 new forex prop trading firms of October 2021 below!

With so many new forex prop firms coming into the industry and funding traders all around the world, it’s becoming increasingly harder to choose which firm to get your funded accounts from.

When choosing your funded account there are so many factors to think about, from your trading system to drawdown, to leverage, to trading requirements and general reputation of the prop firm.

ForexProp Reviews compiled a very simple but in-depth comparison of the worlds leading forex funding options.

TopTier Trader

New forex prop firm Top Tier Funding is a company that is searching for experienced traders. To determine if a trader has what it takes, we created a 2-Tier evaluation process. Upon successful completion of the evaluation, traders are offered a placement in the Top Tier Proprietary Trading Firm, where they can remotely manage funds and continuously grow the account through our scaling plan. As a Top Tier Trader, you are eligible to keep 80%% of the profits you generate.

True Forex Funds

True Forex Funds is a fast-growing proprietary trading firm, that targets motivated but undercapitalized traders, who are ready to get up to $400,000 in funding, after completing our 2-phase Evaluation process. Upon successfully passing our Challenge, we will cover all your losses!

Speedup Trader

Based in New York, USA, Speedup Trader is a prop firm offering up to $600,000 funded accounts to trade with. The prop firm offers 3 accounts each for both Futures and Forex Trading, meaning that whether you prefer to use instruments such as metals or you’re more interested in traditional currency, it’s highly likely that you can find an account that suits your personal style.

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