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Fidelcrest decided to give their traders an opportunity to choose between three options to add to their trading programs.

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After Fidelcrest implemented their 2for1 promotion, they realized what an impact having two challenge accounts has on a trader’s mindset. The results were a significant increase in performance! Due to the results, they decided to give their traders an opportunity to choose between three options to add to their trading programs.

1. Fast track

The fast track option means that your evaluation has no minimum trading days. You can request this option for all MicroFX Aggressive accounts.

2. Permanent second account

The permanent second account option means that from now on all account types and sizes receive another account even in case of the challenge ending in failure. The reasoning behind this option was that Fidelcrest realizes it is a difficult task to pass a challenge. They are also aware that many traders start trading before they familiarize themselves with the rules, making them fail. They are offering this option to prove that they actually want their traders to succeed.

3. Double your capital

The reasoning behind the double your capital option is that Fidelcrest has an aim toward their traders making profits. Due to the mentioned reason, they are offering the chance to claim a second account of the same size when the trader passes his first 3-phase trading period.

REMEMBER: You can only choose one of the options above!

On top of that, since they have had their 4th profitable year, Fidelcrest managed to secure even more capital from their investors. They are introducing $1,000,000 accounts and $500,000 aggressive accounts for their most profitable traders while also increasing profit splits from 70% to 80% on normal accounts, and from 80% to 90% on aggressive accounts.

Another addition, due to high demand, they added a $50,000 account size which is going to submit under MicroFX+ rules. This account will have a profit target of 5%!

To end it all, Fidelcrest has relaxed its trading environment. However, keep in mind that they are still looking for consistent and responsible traders since those are the main components for success in the trading business.

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You can visit the Fidelcrest website or read our review.

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