New Listing- Direct Funded Trader!

Forex Prop Reviews proudly announces the new listing of Direct Funded Trader on our list of featured firms.

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Forex Prop Reviews proudly announces the new listing of Direct Funded Trader on the list of featured proprietary trading firms. Direct Funded Trader, a company incorporated on the 28th of February, 2023, is making waves in the industry with its rapid evolution and commitment to fostering trading success.

Direct Funded Trader sets itself apart as one of the fastest-evolving proprietary trading firms in the market. Moreover, with offices located in the United Arab Emirates, the company brings a global perspective to its operations. This geographical diversity also positions Direct Funded Trader to tap into the prop industry and provide unique opportunities for traders.

New Listing Direct Funded Trader

New Listing- Direct Funded Trader

One of the standout features that traders will find appealing is Direct Funded Trader’s commitment to empowering its traders. The firm offers account sizes of up to $200,000 in balance, providing traders with ample resources to pursue their trading strategies. Moreover, Direct Funded Trader boasts an impressive 80% profit split, allowing traders to reap the rewards of their successful trades.

Direct Funded Trader has strategically partnered with Blueberry Markets, a reputable broker in the industry. This collaboration enhances the trading experience for Direct Funded Trader’s clients, combining the firm’s proprietary trading opportunities with Blueberry Markets’ reliable and efficient brokerage services.

Also, for traders seeking a dynamic and supportive environment to propel their prop trading careers, Direct Funded Trader emerges as a compelling choice. The firm’s focus on innovation, global presence, and generous profit-sharing arrangements make it a standout addition to the Forex Prop Reviews platform.

As the prop industry continues to evolve, Direct Funded Trader’s inclusion in Forex Prop Reviews marks a significant development in the landscape of proprietary trading. Please note that we only list legitimate prop firms. And, like always, we offer a discount for it.

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