New Innovative 3-Phase E8 Track Funding Program Is Making Rounds On Internet

E8 Trading Evaluation Model has been making rounds on the internet after just 24 hours of its arrival.

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E8 has introduced its three-phase Track Funding Program, which has started making rounds on the internet after just 48 hours. According to the initial feedback, traders are impressed by the E8 Trading Evaluation model.

E8 Funding has made a concerted effort to develop distinctive funding opportunities as well as a user-friendly path to becoming a qualified, funded trader, allowing everyone to remotely manage their capital from any location in the world.

The E8 Track program was announced by E8 Funding earlier this year, and it is now available. With the innovative three-phase E8 Track funding program, you can control a beginning account size of up to $250,000. Their saying goes like this: ‘Trade responsibly and receive 80% of your profits. Adhere to the max loss rules and trade at your own discretion.’

Since they will be able to obtain an account with the same balance for less money than their E8 evaluation accounts, the funding program is a feature that traders find appealing.

These are a few statistics from the initial 24 hours of the innovative, affordable, three-phase evaluation system E8 Track, which rewards uniformity.

  1. 134 traders are currently active in Phase 2.
  2.  68 traders are currently active in Phase 3.
  3.  38 traders have already received funding.

The Three Phases

The evaluation of the trader begins with Phase 1. They make sure you can trade prudently and mitigate risk properly before allowing you to trade an account linked to the firm’s capital.

Phase 2 is the next stage in E8 Track’s trader evaluation process. Phase 2’s objective is to evaluate your risk management skills.

The third and final phase of trader evaluation is phase 3. Phase 3’s objective is to put your trading abilities to the test once more so they can be confident you can trade profitably over the long term while upholding capital and adhering to the rules.

According to the feedback, E8 Funding has consistently been a prop company that welcomes traders. You can read about the E8 Funding journey and other account offerings by looking at other experiences.

Our 10% discount code (FOREXPROPREVIEWS) at the moment is valid only for E8 Account and ELEV8 Account, but it will also be available for E8 Track soon.

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