New Funding program? E8 Track Overview!

E8 Track by E8 Funding was created due to market demand for traders that have proven that they are ready to manage capital.

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E8 Funding is a proprietary firm incorporated on the 5th of November, 2021. They have offices in Dallas and Texas in the USA, with another in Prague in the Czech Republic while offering traders capital up to $1,000,000 in balance with 80% profit splits.

Their headquarters are located at 100 Crescent Ct, Unit 700, Dallas, TX 75201, United States.


In the latest episode of Forex Prop Reviews, the discussion is about the E8 track by the E8 Funding  This funding program account aims to identify serious and talented traders.

The program is different from the other two by having lower prices for one.

Due to market demand for a product of entry for traders, E8 Funding created E8 Track. E8 Track doesn’t differentiate from the 2-Phase Evaluation. But it adds one additional step before becoming a funded trader and starts working their funded account on their terms.

Pass the unique 3-phase Evaluation, and traders can put themselves on track to manage an E8 Track Funded account. With a capital of up to $250,000 in starting capital, lower cost, same reward!

There is no Profit Target requirement to allow traders to trade at their leisure and discretion. They only require you to respect the Maximum Daily Loss and Maximum Loss rules.


· No minimum trading error requirements to proceed to a funded account.

·After the completion of the evaluation phase, the Funded account is rewarded to traders.

  • No profit targets 
  • 5% maximum daily loss
  • 8% maximum overall loss

As soon as E8 Funding receives all the information required at sign-up, a team member will email traders their account credentials as soon as their payment is verified. After that, the trader’s E8X dashboard will have login credentials available.

When traders pass Phase-1 or Phase-2, the E8 Funding system will automatically begin evaluating the account, ensuring traders have met all the requirements without violating any of their rules. Shortly after the review, they allocate an account with the amount of capital traders have signed up for.

To watch the full review, click the link below:

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