Lux Trading Firm Trader Interview with Daniel

Lux Trading Firm interviews Daniel about how he became a $100,000 Funded Trader.

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A proprietary company, Lux Trading Firm, has offices in Slovakia’s capital cities of Bratislava and London. They provide account balances for their traders of up to $10,000,000 or more. The company uses Global Prime, an established broker based in Australia.

They have a company registration number of 131609991 and are a registered UK business under Lux Trading Firm Ltd.

Traders must succeed in the evaluation process to receive funding. They must then meet specific profit goals to increase their account balance. Traders who complete successfully are given a 65% profit split and a doubling of their account balance.

Lux Trading Firm Trader Interview

Daniel Lux Elite Trader was interviewed by Oliver from Lux Trading Firm about how he became a $100,000 professional real money account trader and his involvement with the elite Lux Elite Trader Club.

He learned about trading from a university friend but developed an interest of his own. Before he discovered Lux Trading Firm, he made about six or seven attempts before finding out about it.

He discussed his prior experiences before joining this particular firm. He switched between companies several times before sticking with Lux Trading Firm. Daniel claimed to be a day trader who prefers to stick with the major foreign exchange currencies. He would try to trade up to two or three items at a time.

Daniel frequently monitors the markets all day long, and he never holds positions overnight. He believed it was better to be an expert in one area than a jack of all trades.

It also depends on how the day goes; for instance, if he loses trade in the morning, he will stop trading for the day.

He prefers to trade when the market is open because everything is neatly lined up, and everyone looks at the same charts. Later in the day, however, things become more disorganized. He typically looks for 20- to 30-person targets with 15- to 20-pip tables.

He is looking forward to GPMG updating his account so he can add more events to his account. Ideally, he will reach the 10-million stage and become a fan manager in about six months.

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