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Leveled Up Society-Trader’s journey, drawdowns, trading advice, and how he got funded.

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Leveled Up Society was established in June 2022 with a US office with Eightcap as its partnership broker. The address of their offices is 1001 Brickell Bay Dr #2700h, Miami, FL 33131, USA.

Traders who complete a two-stage evaluation process and receive a funded account are eligible for funding of up to $600,000. The Leveled Up Society has invested millions of dollars in thousands of traders, changing countless lives.

Leveled Up Society Interview

Leveled Up Society shared an interview with one of its traders, Alex. Alex shared his journey as a funded trader; he is originally from France but lives in Spain, has been trading for about a year, and was a filmmaker a little more than a year and a half ago. 

Alex is now trading full-time. He stopped participating in festivals and doesn’t even make films anymore. He still makes YouTube videos because it’s fun, but he no longer wants to do it as a job. That’s amazing because trading made it possible for you to survive.

He prefers day trading more. Alex only trades the euro dollar and the GJ euro dollar in DJ. He instructs people and advises them to pick just one pair, perform extensive back testing with it, learn the pair, and possibly pick up another one—but not ten.

He mentioned passing stage two after stage one and estimated it took him about two days. It’s simpler because traders have time to choose their trade again and can wait for the high-probability setups to get the ones that will make them money once they pass stages one and two and become funded. The only difference is that he entered the trade with one percent instead of two percent because he didn’t have to risk that much to get that much profit.

Watch the full video for details:

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