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Leveled Up Society Cyber Monday. gives the chance to win any challenge by spinning the wheel.

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Leveled Up Society is a proprietary firm incorporated in June 2022 with an office based in the US while offering its traders a chance to work with capital up to $1,000,000.

Their offices are at 1001 Brickell Bay Dr #2700h, Miami, FL 33131, United States.

The accounts allow traders to leverage their professional goals by completing their two-step evaluation. 

They are partnered with Eightcap as their broker. It is an excellent resource for traders who want to get involved in the action. It provides access to a community of like-minded traders who can offer support and advice.

  • Maximum balance of up to $1,000,000
  • Unlimited evaluation-free retries
  • 80% profit splits
  • Bi-weekly payouts
  • Overnight and weekend holding allowed

Leveled Up Society Cyber Monday Sale

Another fantastic day after Thanksgiving and another gift from Leveled Up Society for its community and traders.

The prop firm has announced Cyber Monday for its traders!

It’s time to spin the wheel!!

They offer a Spin for its traders where every spin gives traders a chance to win any Leveled Up Society challenges.

Traders can buy One spin for $99 (crypto only). Traders can buy as many spins as they want. There are no restrictions.

One spin gives traders one chance to win any of the firm’s challenges!!

Yes!!! You heard it! Any of the Firm’s Challenges. The prop firm offers different challenges, and traders can choose any challenge that suits them the most.

Traders can win:

  • $25K challenge
  • $50K challenge
  • $100K challenge
  • $200K challenge

The wheel is only available for 12 hours.

The deal starts on Monday 28 from 12 pm – 11:59 pm EST.

So, traders, make sure you take advantage of this amazing deal!

Also, traders can get a 5% off by using Forex Prop Reviews’ special discount code (O9EMESIKFE).

Happy trading, traders!

Enjoy the ‘Spin the Wheel’ and the discount.

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