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As you might have noticed, Forex Prop Reviews have its own YouTube channel where we post video reviews and comparisons about prop trading firms, and our YouTube channel is viral.

Forex Prop Reviews help forex traders that lack capital by introducing them to the proprietary trading firm industry. 

Here you will get all the necessary information about the proprietary trading firm industry and legitimate proprietary trading firms. We will introduce you to individual prop firms and describe them while comparing them with each other.

You will also learn a lot from our prop fact section; see our articles about prop offices and live market conditions for individual prop firms under the prop spreads section. In addition, you will be provided with daily prop news about the proprietary trading firm industry.

If this sounds attractive and would help you become a successful prop trader, be sure to subscribe to the channel now!

Let’s take a look at our most popular videos:

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  • Review about E8 Funding prop firm and 10% discount code

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Happy trading, traders!

Our website also offers discounts, promo codes and offers for different Prop Firms.

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