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The Efinity (EFI) Supercharger is going live soon! You can earn EFI as rewards by depositing CRO into the Supercharger pool via the Crypto‌.com App or Crypto.‌com Exchange Web/App. There are no gas fees and participants can withdraw at any time.

You’ll enjoy higher returns for this event because of the shorter Charging Period, so act fast and make your CRO deposit now!

Can’t wait to start mining? You still have time to take part in the current BOSON Supercharger, which ends at 19:59 UTC on 21 August 2021. Click here to earn BOSON rewards and keep your CRO deposit in the liquidity pool to automatically participate in the EFI Supercharger.EFI Supercharger Details:
Reward: USD 400,000 allocationSupported Deposit Token: CROEvent Timeline:
Charging Period: 20:‌00 U‌TC, 21 ‌A‌ugust – 20‌:00 U‌TC, 31‌ Au‌gust 2‌021Reward Distribution: 18:‌00 U‌TC, 2 S‌eptember – 18‌:00 U‌TC, 2 O‌ctober 2‌021
For more information, please visit our blog.

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