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December is presumably a more challenging month than the rest since from the middle of the month, the liquidity on the market usually drops, which means that there are fewer opportunities to make efficient trades. This is not necessarily a bad thing since other ways to gain profits appear at this time.

We can observe various seasonal influences throughout the year. The prime example are commodities, while stock markets also have strong seasonal periods.

From Forex pairs, the main two are:

  1. USD/CAD from February to April
  2. USD/JPY in October

For Forex traders, December is quite a slow month since market conditions become unpredictable with lower liquidity and occasional higher volatility, making it unreliable. The main reason is the Christmas holidays, and big banks & hedge funds get paid bonuses, making them not interested in the market.

The previously mentioned conditions mainly gain the interests of scalpers who are already used to taking risks while still taking false breaks, supports, and resistances into consideration.

This December period can be beneficial even to those who decide not to trade since they can analyze past trades, test new strategies, and take a break can positively affect their psychological boost.

FTMO is in this period offering their traders a 10+10, which means that they are not only offering a 10% discount on their processes but also a 10-day trading period extension in January.
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  • EMAD SAWALHA says:

    Scam company
    I don’t Know why too many good reviews here, I did only 1300 USD dollars, when i reached the time to withdraw my money, they sent me an email stating that my account under review, and they don’t answer my emails.

    Folks, stay away from this scam company.

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