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Everyone entering this the prop trading business has one ultimate goal: financial freedom.

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Everyone entering this the prop trading business has one ultimate goal: financial freedom. One of the key reasons is that they recognize that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone. CTI is the only prop trading firm that recognizes this fact. 

With this fact in mind, CTI offers various Funded Trader Programs to cater for this. It caters for clients of varying talents and requirements ranging from funding solutions to help those that are not ready to handle a large account. 

However, CTI is the only prop firm to put their money where their mouth is, pun unintended, and to offer a direct funding option for prop traders whose skills speaks for themselves and do not need to go through an evaluation period. (You will need to speak to the team to discuss this.) 

While we appreciate that Forex is one of the most popular trading assets you are not limited to just trading the forex market. You are also able to trade gold and stock indices, which means you are able to seek out opportunities where you feel you cannot find one in the forex market at a particular moment, with respect to your trade plan. 

Also note that you are allowed to have up to 2 Funded Accounts, and couple that with the face our account sizes scale up to 2 million, that is a 4 million portfolio you have to manage. That sounds like amazing potential!

Now, to circle back to why CTI truly believes in is not a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone, there is another reason apart from the option to offer a direct to funding solution. It is something very important you need to bear in mind as a trader.

The time limit: we offer aspiring prop traders ONE YEAR a chance to pass their evaluation. And no, that was not a typo for “month”, you read correctly. 

We provide you one full year to pass your funded forex trading account evaluation because we do not just say is not a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone, we actually believe it. 

One thing everyone in CTI knows from their experience from being traders themselves, and having trading experience, alongside meeting traders is that every trade plan is different. Every style of trading is different and there are different time frames. 

What we found quite jarring was that an overwhelming amount of funding providers had too short time limits for their evaluations for our liking. We know that life gets in the way and we know that not everyone can be a full-time trader all the time, with this all-in mind we decided the one-year limit was the fairest to all types of traders. 

Our research found that a short time limit can cause traders with longer term plans to make reckless mistakes they would not have made otherwise as they are being penalised for the patience they would normally exercise. 

Even for you short term traders, we do not want you to feel that you have to rush to make traders for the sake of a deadline. We want you to make the best trades you would naturally make.

By the way, we do not limit your positions; overnight positions are allowed and you are allowed to have positions during news events. We do not understand companies who do not allow you to do this; we trust that you account for these things in your trade plan.

Right now, we currently have our staple funded program (we may add another, so keep watching our funding space!) which many traders have done well with as you can see, we have lots of success stories from our blog posts and success stories section which showcases traders continually progressing from a funded trader with one of our managed forex accounts to a one of our portfolio managers managing their own book. 

Each funded trader has their own story of how they found their experience and why they came to CTI. To go back to the point mentioned earlier, we would not have received some of this wonderful talent – and they would have not flourished – if not for our one-year time limit. 

Another reason why long- and short-term traders alike praise is us because we just do not leave them in the lurches. Trading can be quite lonely, and we all know too well how annoying and frustrating it is to have all this knowledge and passion, but to have no one in your immediate social circle or life to be able to speak to about it. Especially while you are embarking on a big step such on your prop trading career as taking a funded forex account

That is why every trader that signs up with us will have access to our community of traders where you will meet lots of traders including the CTI team, junior, senior traders, and most of all you will find fellow funded traders who are in the same position as yourself. So, you will not feel alone. You will always feel like you will be supported in addition to the support you will already have. 

With a CTI, you won’t just get a CTI funded account, you will also have that live trading floor experience you always wanted, and finally a place to discuss all those trading ideas and views, and perhaps you could learn a few things too!

We also provide you with our own CTI Risk Manager Tool upon your sign up which helps you monitor your performance during all phases of your funded trader journey while helping you make sure you do not accidently break any rules. 

One thing we often get asked, and no we do not have monthly fees we only have the one-off fee for the evaluation and that is it. That is another reason our traders enjoy their time with us because monthly fees are inappropriate for remote trading floors, in our opinion. Moreover, it takes away from the monthly split, which goes against the spirit of the agreement. 

We want you to trade at your very best, and we trust that your trade plan accounts for any trading psychology barriers. So, our logic is, why add unnecessary psychological barriers with something inappropriate such as a monthly fee? As mentioned earlier, the CTI team is composed of traders and those with trading experienced meaning we understand your point of your view

We want to have the field as level as possible to ensure you can perform at your best. 

Join CTI to explore your prop trading funding opportunities and find our why we have so many happy prop traders. 

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