FundYourFX selling your data! Stay away!

Warning for all traders! FundYourFX selling/giving your data to the 3rd provider.

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As it is our responsibility as the first prop reviews portal and the most trusted, we regularly check prop firms and other portals that review prop firms to prevent traders from any kind of scam. We are here to take care of traders and not prop firms.

For the last two months, we put prop firm FundYourFX ( under our investigation microscope and found out that they are selling/giving clients’ data to the 3rd party prop reviews portal ( that sends marketing emails to those particular clients of FundYourFX.

The following reviews portal ( promotes FundYourFX prop firm as the best prop firm in the world (even though we all know the reality). We can not confirm if the reviews portal ( is owned by prop firm FundYourFX. However, we confirm that prop firm FundYourFX is selling/giving data of their traders to the reviews portal

Even though the reviews portal completely copies our website and the things that we do, that is not the case; we decided to post that in order to prevent traders from stealing their data, as we know this is an illegal thing. On their website, prop firm FundYourFX states that the client’s data are in the safe hand. Sadly, that is not true.

Within the last two months, we registered multiple new email addresses and applied for the trading account of the prop firm FundYourFX. After a couple of days, we always received a promotional email from (, and of course, they promoted prop firm FundYourFX as you can see in the screenshot below:

In conclusion, we decided to rate FundYourFX prop firm with a 1-star rating to prevent traders from falling into a trap.

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