FunderPro Reassurance- How the current issue won’t affect them!

The CEO of FunderPro gave traders the reassurance that the current issue won’t affect them.

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In a recent statement by the CEO of FunderPro, they gave traders the reassurance that this issue won’t affect them. Prop Traders have the right to be worried. FunderPro is aware of the recent news that some prop firms are suffering or may suffer from the regulatory freeze. They understand that there may be some concern. To reassure their traders, they explained why this issue will not affect FunderPro (and if you hold on until the end. Also, they are giving two ways to help your friends in prop firms that are or may be affected by closure). 

FunderPro Reassurance- How the Issue Won’t Affect Them!

FunderPro is not at risk of being shut down. Here are four main reasons: 

  • They are based in Europe.
  • They are NOT acting as an education company, and they operate as an exact prop firm model.
  • Ongoing checks are in place with their regulators to ensure full compliance.
  • They fund every trader with REAL funds held in a live STP/ECN account.
  • In addition to the facts above, FunderPro has a proven track record of full transparency. They also have community involvement, and openness to implement new features based on user feedback. 

It’s no secret that FunderPro is on a mission to change the prop industry for the better. They started this by offering a true prop desk model while adhering to all the latest regulations.

Are you or do you know someone who is worried about the issue of prop firms being frozen?

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About the Firm

FunderPro is a proprietary trading firm that is transforming how traders interact with financial markets by creating opportunities to trade with lower risks. Their challenges are designed to allow traders of all levels of experience a fair opportunity to pass while not limiting their path to achieving success.

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