FundedNext Trading Cycle & Leaderboard New Update!

FundedNext has some fantastic updates to share about Leaderboard and the Trading Cycle.

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Exciting News for FundedNext traders about their Trading Cycle and Leaderboard! FundedNext is making a positive change in how they calculate the Trading Cycle. The prop firm has some fantastic updates to share with you that are bound to make your trading experience even better!

FundedNext Trading Cycle and Leaderboard Update

The prop firm shared that they have listened to your feedback and are excited to announce a positive change in how they calculate the Trading Cycle. Starting now, if you receive your FundedNext Account on any day of the week, your cycle will precisely end after four weeks from that day. This means that traders have No more waiting period for extra days for payouts!

Example: If you get your FundedNext Account on a Tuesday, your cycle will end exactly after four weeks on the next Tuesday. But please note that these changes apply to all new FundedNext Accounts. This does not apply to any FundedNext Challenge. 

In light of this new improvement, there is also something that the firm wants to share. FundedNext regrets to inform you that they had to remove the Leaderboard feature from their dashboard. Notably, the reason for this is that different client’s trading cycles will start and end at different intervals, and it gets very hard for the firm to find a timeframe on which they can calculate the Leaderboard. While this may cause some inconvenience, FundedNext believes the benefits of the Trading Cycle changes far outweigh it. 

Please remember that this is only for New FundedNext Accounts, and this does not apply to the FundedNextChallenge. This means that traders who are in their Challenge phase have nothing to do with this Update. 

About the Firm

FundedNext offers forex traders up to $300,000 in funds to financially empower them. They are helping them earn full-time while also being able to scale further. Depending on their preferences, traders can choose from four funding program options: evaluation model, express model, one-step Stellar challenge, and two-step Stellar challenge.

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