FundedNext Trader’s Interview: Episode 21

FundedNext “Meet the Traders” series where Fallou, who had a $1,456 Payout, was interviewed.

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Global traders may receive a balance from FundedNext of up to $200,000. Each trader is given an account manager by FundedNext, who is available seven days a week to respond to any questions. Traders’ account balances will scale up to 40% every four months, up to a maximum of $4 million, if specific criteria is met. As their broker, Eightcap has a partnership with the Prop firm.

FundedNext Traders’ Interview

FundedNext shared another interview from their “Meet the Traders” series. Fallou, the trader who received a $1,456 payout from FundedNext, was interviewed. He described his experience and his journey.

Fallou is 18, was born in Senegal, but resides in London. He has established a reputation in the trading world with a focus on gold. He wasn’t serious when he first started trading three years ago. But he has improved his skills and mentality to become a successful trader by doing various things. Even though he encountered some difficulties, everything was ultimately worthwhile.

He learned about prop firms and thought it would be great to experiment with them. As a result, he gained helpful trading experience. He is a scalper who did not rely on indicators and applied the smart money principle. Fallou uses volatility to determine his stop loss and typically takes a 0.25% risk with a 1:2 RRR.

He emphasized the value of having the right mindset and managing your emotions when trading. He had faith in his ability to maintain consistency over the long term. Fallou also emphasized the significance of adhering to rules and regulations by comparing trading with his capital versus trading with borrowed firm capital.

Mr. Fallou spoke with FundedNext about his experience and how he became successful. Watch the video for more details:

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