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In a recent exclusive interview with FundedNext, Benneth Emeka provided deep trading insights.

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In a recent exclusive interview with FundedNext, Benneth Emeka, a trader from Nigeria, provided deep insights into his trading strategies and aspirations for the future, including plans to venture into fund management. Benneth shares his evolution from a beginner following signals and suffering losses to an aggressive scalper with an 88.24% win rate, focusing on the US30 during the New York session. He details his strategic approach, including avoiding news times, employing the LuxAlgo indicator, and following The Trading Addict’s methods.

FundedNext Trader Benneth Interview: Trading Knowledge into Successful Practice.

Emeka, an engineering graduate, embarked on his trading journey three years ago, initially intrigued by the potential for trading gain he witnessed on platforms like Telegram. Learning the basics from his cousin, Emeka soon discovered the harsh reality of trading without proper education or mentorship, experiencing significant losses along the way.

However, Emeka’s determination to succeed led him to invest in mentorship programs, notably learning from mentors. Under their guidance, Emeka developed a scalping strategy focused on the volatile US30 index during the New York and London sessions, honing his skills in identifying break and retest patterns.

Emeka’s trading philosophy revolves around meticulous risk management and disciplined execution, with a preference for tight stop-loss and take-profit targets to optimize risk-reward ratios. His dedication to continuous learning and refinement of his craft has contributed to an impressive win rate and consistent profitability in his trading endeavors.

Looking ahead, Emeka has set his sights on transitioning into fund management, inspired by his main mentor’s success as a hedge fund manager. He also plans to launch a Telegram channel to share free trading signals and provide guidance to aspiring traders, aiming to give back to the trading community that has supported him on his journey.

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