FundedNext “Meet the Traders” New Episode!

Get motivated as FundedNext uploaded another of their “Meet the Traders” Episode 24!

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What is better than getting motivated by not just words but actions? A lot of people give you motivation with their words, but the real inspiration comes from a person who has actually lived it! Just like a trader who has been in the market and stayed consistent. For this very purpose, FundedNext has shared another one of their “Meet the Traders” Episodes!

In a captivating interview with FundedNext, meet Emilliano Mesa from Colombia. With five years of trading experience, Emilliano excels in Algo trading, achieving consistent profitability for one year. He earned a whopping $9,455 Payout With FundedNext!

He evolved his approach from price action to technical analysis using moving average indicators. After sharing his trading knowledge, Emilliano learned Python, developed his own backtested algo bot, and strategized to overcome continuous losses.

FundedNext “Meet the Traders” Episode!

Through this interview, viewers can gain valuable insights into the trader’s strategies, mindset, and overall approach to trading. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn from someone who has been there and done that and use their experiences to improve your own trading skills. 

Choosing FundedNext for their express account and rule compliance, Emilliano seized the opportunity to earn a 15% profit share from the challenge phase. His remarkable Algo generated impressive profits of $15,292 (GER30) and $8,588 (US500).

Don’t miss Emilliano’s inspiring video as he shares his remarkable journey with FundedNext! Watch the full video here:

About FundedNext

FundedNext provides forex traders with the opportunity to receive funding up to $300,000, empowering them financially and assisting them in achieving full-time earnings.

FundedNext motivates traders to achieve success in their trading journeys. Their primary requirement is that clients exhibit discipline, effective risk management, and a commitment to consistent long-term performance. This commitment is demonstrated through the scaling plan, which allows traders to reach a substantial cap of $4,000,000. Additionally, traders have the opportunity to earn profit splits ranging from 60% to 90%, depending on the funding program option they select.

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