FundedNext 2022 Accomplishments Summed Up!

Reflecting on all that FundedNext has accomplished in just the past nine months!

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FundedNext is a proprietary trading firm incorporated on the 18th of March, 2022. Their headquarters are in the United Arab Emirates at the following address: AI Robotics HUB, C1 Building, AFZ, Ajman, United Arab Emirates. The prop firm has partnered with Eightcap as their broker.

FundedNext 2022 Accomplishments

As 2022 ended and 2023 started, FundedNext reflects on all they have accomplished in the past nine months. In such a short time, they have made a real impact in the prop trading industry. It’s been a year of significant accomplishments for FundedNext.

Their team has expanded to over 250 individuals dedicated to providing exceptional service to international proprietary traders. Let’s take a look at the accomplishments in 2022:

FundedNext Global Reach

FundedNext’s impact extends beyond its direct customer base. The company has also made a strong impression online, with website visitors totaling 25,890,366 and dashboard users totaling 3,390,954 within just nine months. 

Global Events

For the first time in the history of the prop firm industry, FundedNext organized a prop traders’ global meetup in Thailand. Traders from many different countries flew in for the meetup. They got to connect with fellow prop-firm traders and share their experiences.

The firm also participated in the prestigious IFX Expo’22, where top leaders of the Trading Industry from around the world gathered under one roof.

Featured In

FundedNext has been featured in international newspapers like Benzinga, NASDAQ, Yahoo Finance, Cabl.gram, and TBS News.

Product Offerings by FundedNext

FundedNext has made several improvements to its product offerings over the past year, including introducing the Consistency Express Account: $200k package and the Non-consistency Express Account on the trading platform. Additionally, the company has added a 14-day extension to its Evaluation Model and updated the Challenge phase Automation to allow traders to begin trading in Phase 2 immediately upon passing the Evaluation Challenge Phase 1.

Trading Updates

FundedNext is the industry’s first prop firm to offer traders a 15% profit share from their challenge phases. Over the past year, the firm has rewarded skilled traders with $12,572,623 in payouts. 

Traders Education

FundedNext published regular blog posts to guide and train traders. They shared information about traders’ experiences, global events, and trading schedules on their blogs to educate their community. So far, in 2022, they have published 68 blogs covering various topics, including trading strategies, systems, and the psychological aspects of trading.

 The most popular series is “Trade’s Tale,” in which they shared the trading journeys of FundedNext traders. Around 6,373 people are reading this section on a weekly average.

Community Updates

FundedNext has onboarded thousands of traders from around the globe into their community, which includes a Discord channel with 19,554 members, a Facebook group with 31,871 members, and an Instagram account with 17,946 followers. Their Twitter account has 2,355 followers. 

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