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The month of October is coming to an end, but before we jump to November, let’s recap what happened in FTMO this week.
Today we talked to our FTMO Trader Victor. Victor shares how he got to trading and describes his journey from pursuing a professional baseball career and enlisting in the U.S Army to becoming an FTMO Trader and making $8,000 trading forex. Get inspired by this interview and view Victor’s trading approach which he kindly shared in this interview.
We also spoke with a few of our new FTMO Traders to ask them a few questions about their trading concepts. Four serious traders define their personal trading attitude and even give out several tips that helped them pass through the Evaluation Process, so do not hesitate to take a few moments and expand your knowledge with our new article!
Weekend reading: A trading strategy does not have to be complicated and does not have to require hundreds of hours spent studying charts. Surprisingly, the most popular approaches are often simple to understand and opening/closing positions takes a minimum amount of time. Opening range breakout is one such approach. What are the rules of trading the opening range? We will break down the basic aspects in this article.
Daylight Saving Time in Europe: On Sunday 31 October at 03:00 CEST, the timing will shift from the current summertime CEST (GMT+2) to CET (GMT+1). Platform time will remain unchanged (GMT+3) until 07 November, when the DST will become effective in North America as well. This means that for this transition period, the difference between CET time, on which your Maximum Daily Losses are calculated, and Platform time will be 2 hours. Therefore kindly manage your trades accordingly. We recommend that you use the Timezone Converter which is available in the left column of your Account MetriX.

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