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Hello traders,

Another trading week is about to end and before we all unwind for the weekend, let’s take a look at what happened at FTMO this week.

Meet our FTMO Trader Mugi! Mugi is a daytrader and she mostly focuses on trading the US30 index. She shares details not only about her strategy, but also a journey as a trader! Learn more in the latest interview!


Weekend reading: When technical forex traders enter the market, many of them remain focused just on the one time frame that suits their style. What they don’t realize is that this approach may cause them to lose track of important support and resistance levels or long-term trends. Simultaneously monitoring multiple time frames is an easy way to get a much better overview of what is happening in the market. Find out how to benefit from multi-timeframe analysis in this article.

Trading updates: Reduced trading hours this weekend, changes in DAX symbol and upcoming Thanksgiving. These are some upcoming news you should not miss. More about them can be found on our trading updates page.

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